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Paying tribute to the best of the old world and modern culture, our designs seek endless inspiration from nature, history, mythological tales, classical literature, along with a strong appreciation for the beautiful details in our everyday surroundings. Our designer collections are enriched with symbolic references to tell powerful stories and to capture whole-hearted, free-spirited beauty.

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"As you are the Moon of his life,
He shall be your Sun and Stars."
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“Won't you come into the garden?
I would like my roses to see you."
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"You are my heart, my life,
my one and only thought."
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Capturing whole-hearted, free-spirited beauty.

"She never believed in fairytales -
Until she saw herself in a crown."
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"Never forget that what becomes
timeless was once truly new."
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"I promise to be the man
that I see now in your eyes -
today, tomorrow,
and for always."
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