Our Story

Established in 2015, Michellia is a premium fine jewelry brand committed to celebrating the unique beauty of every love story with non-traditional jewelry designs. A self-described true romantic, our founder and designer Michelle believes that everyone deserves a highly individualized expression to cherish the preciousness of every moment we experience in a lifetime. Meticulously handcrafted using only the finest materials and gemstones, our jewelry balances old-world and contemporary aesthetics to bring unique individuals together and unforgettable moments to life.

Our Designs

At Michellia, we pride ourselves on impeccable design excellence, spending countless hours sketching, prototyping, and iterating upon unique concepts until our jewelry turns out as uniquely beautiful as the person it adorns. A testament to Michelle's classical art background, the iconic Michellia style is heavily influenced by the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements from the Edwardian and Victorian Eras, from which the streamlined geometric elements and nature-inspired motifs have been long ingrained into our modern culture and collective reality. Paying tribute to the best of the old and new worlds, our designs seek endless inspiration from nature, history, mythological tales, classical literature, along with a strong appreciation for the beautiful details in our everyday surroundings. By combining rich symbolism with unexpected materials, we commit to creating non-traditional fine jewelry that are elegant, timeless, and effortlessly beautiful.

Our Craftsmanship & Quality

Outside of our Seattle design studio, we partner with local artisan jewelers with decades of fine jewelry crafting experience to ensure world-class production standards. Our signature collections call for unmatched attention to each made-to-order piece and expert-level inspection on precious metal and gemstones, all of which are ethically sourced to meet the highest human rights, social, and environmental criteria. Our master jewelers meticulously study every intricate detail of our design guidelines, hand-setting each delicate gem to bring out its brilliance and hand-polishing every piece of embellishment to microscopic perfection. As each piece spends weeks in the hands of a skilled artisan, no small detail is ever forgotten. There is a sense of dedication that we want to instill into every piece of Michellia jewelry we bring to you, and we hope to turn our passion into quality keepsakes to accompany every romance and beauty seeker for years to come.

Our Ethos & Ethics

Although best known for her artistic talents, our designer Michelle has dedicated much of her life outside of her jewelry career to supporting non-profit causes that she deeply cares about. Since the early days before her business took off, Michelle has always believed in giving back to the community that made her dream possible.

Please follow our journey of charitable contributions in our Michellia Cares page, and stay up-to-date with us on Instagram @michelliafinejewelry to see how we run our small business with a big heart.

From Our Dream to Yours

Since our initial launch in 2015, we have been blessed with overwhelmingly positive reviews and gracious support from thousands of clients. As the brand continues to grow, our designer Michelle maintains her signature style and upholds the standards of superior quality in craftsmanship. The Michellia team is intentionally kept small in size yet dedicated at its core, so we can provide an intimate shopping experience for every client, all the while focusing on creating art pieces that most faithfully honors the love it symbolizes.

Thank you for making our dreams possible, and we strive for the opportunity to support yours. Please drop us a line to experience the difference in our service, aesthetics, and craftsmanship – as well as open door to your most treasured moments in life.

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